Android Dev Tools 5.7.0 is Online Now

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Android Dev Tools 5.7.0 is online now, You can download it from Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.trinea.android.developertools , Features includes:

1. Network Info: Add CallState, DataActivity, DataState, MMS User Agent, Network Country Iso, MMS User Agent Profile URL, Cell Identity, Cell Identity Type, Cell Identity Channel Number, Tracking Area Code, Physical Cell Id, Mcc(Mobile Country Code), Mnc(Mobile Network Code), Cell Bandwidth, Signal Level(asu), Signal Strength(in dBm), Rsrp(Reference Signal Received Power), Rsrq(Reference Signal Received Quality), Rssnr(Reference Signal Signal-to-noise Ratio), Cqi(Channel Quality Indicator), Absolute RF Channel Number, Network Operator, Network Operator Name, Network Roaming, Network Type, Phone Type, Sim Country ISO, Sim Operator, Sim Operator Name, Sim State and so on, available for CDMA, GSM, LTE and others
2. LayoutInspector: Fixed the issue that may require multiple authorizations
3. Activity History: Fix no tips if unauthorized bug
4. Other: Optimize no permission tips


Android 开发助手 5.7.0 上线,可以从 Google Play应用宝酷安及各大商店下载,主要功能包含:

1. 布局查看:修复可能需要多次授权问题,修复未授权后无提示界面问题
2. 网络信息:增加更多网络信息,包括运营商名称、小区编号、无线频率、PCI、信号强度、RSRP 参考信号接收功率、RSRQ参考信号接收功率、RSSNR 或 SINR 信号干扰噪音比、CQI 等,适用于 CDMA,GSM,LTE 等
3. Activity 历史:修复未授权后无提示界面问题
4. 其他:优化所有无权限提示


Android 開發助手 5.7.0 上線,可以從 Google Play應用寶酷安及各大商店下載,主要功能包含:

1. 布局查看:修複可能需要多次授權問題,修複未授權後無提示界面問題
2. 網絡信息:增加更多網絡信息,包括運營商名稱、小區編號、無線頻率、PCI、信號強度、RSRP 參考信號接收功率、RSRQ參考信號接收功率、RSSNR 或 SINR 信號幹擾噪音比、CQI 等,適用于 CDMA,GSM,LTE 等
3. Activity 曆史:修複未授權後無提示界面問題
4. 其他:優化所有無權限提示

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