Android Dev Tools 5.5.3 is Online Now

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Android Dev Tools 5.5.3 is online now, You can download it from Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.trinea.android.developertools , Features includes:

1. App Info: Fix view info of large App fail, such as Alipay and WeChat
2. Open Project: Modify the icon of open projects shortcut
3. Fix some fc
4. Other: Modify the accessibility description

Fix  PackageManager.getPackageInfo get info return null, because flag use PackageManager.GET_ACTIVITIES | PackageManager.GET_PERMISSIONS | PackageManager.GET_SERVICES | PackageManager.GET_PROVIDERS | PackageManager.GET_RECEIVERS, the info size exceed binder size(1m on some phone)


Android 开发助手 5.5.3 上线,可以从 Google Play应用宝酷安及各大商店下载,主要功能包含:

1. 应用信息:修复查看支付宝、微信等较大应用信息失败问题
2. 开源项目:修改开源项目快捷方式图标
3. 修复一些应用崩溃问题
4. 其他:修改辅助者模式介绍

修复 PackageManager.getPackageInfo 返回空,因为 flag 设置了 PackageManager.GET_ACTIVITIES | PackageManager.GET_PERMISSIONS | PackageManager.GET_SERVICES | PackageManager.GET_PROVIDERS | PackageManager.GET_RECEIVERS, 返回的信息过大,超过了 binder 传输的限制(老的系统上 1m)


Android 開發助手 5.5.3 上線,可以從 Google Play應用寶酷安及各大商店下載,主要功能包含:

1. 應用程式信息:修複查看支付寶、微信等較大應用程式信息失敗問題
2. 開源項目:修改開源項目快捷方式圖標
3. 修複一些應用程式崩潰問題
4. 其他:修改輔助者模式介紹

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